Friends School Saffron Walden
1970 Year Group


We were there for our education, some of that was in a formal context.

School work

Adrian Morrell up to his usual tricks during a Physics lesson with Benson.
John Caswell is in the back left and Anthony George back right.
Is that Patrick Coleman helping Donald Benson with his physics?

Copy of an (anonymous!) Fifth Year Time Record for a week in October 1967. I had forgotten about this instrument of social control. I recall they were filled in quite honestly, and I think there even some who competed to achieve high totals of hours worked! Over 63 hours unpaid slog - what a blind fool and swot. (With that amount of effort it's obvious that it's not mine nor my recollections! Steve)

Friends School Saffron Walden 1970 Year Group
Sunday, 3rd December 2023