Friends School Saffron Walden
1970 Year Group

Those known to have attended the Tercentenary Reunion September 2002


With Jean Stubs in the background

Russ (Hank) Adams
Myra Barnes
Duncan Birmingham
Richard Bloomfield
Patrick Coleman
Charles Davey
Jo Godfrey
Chris Guy
Robin Le Mare
Helen Moody [Carmichael]
Richard Smart
Theo Sturge

Philippa Sutton
Lee Taylor
Andy Usher
Steve Willson
Paul A'Court
Anne Breeze [Glenn]
Martin Ellis
Ruth Fowler-Dixon
Jonathan Neville
Chris Woodhouse
Paul Bessell
Andy Hindle

If anyone has been missed out please let me know.

The Avenue gathering
We initialy met at the head of the Avenue.
Place cursor on face to identify

Duncan Martin Helen Paul A'Court Andy Usher Richard Smart Charles Hank Richard Bloomfield Briana Steve Andy Hindle Jo Chris
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Friends School Saffron Walden 1970 Year Group
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