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In Memoriam

Roger Leyland

1951/2 - 11th November 1996

John Batten

1951/2 - 24th April 2001

We must have all paused for contemplation when we saw that rather bald word next to John and Roger's names on the class list. From that sadness I found the recollections came and I found a smile on my face. Small details come through, John's burgundy elephant cord jacket and his Francoise Hardy LP and Roger, well, Roger was a one off. There is a reason I have often thought about Roger over the years and I would have liked to see him again.

Alison Northrop (Bennett)

10th March 1952 - 5th July 2003

Ali B blew in from East Africa at the beginning of 6-1 with her long red hair, Cheap Thrills LP, and an exhilarating, at times existential, attitude to life. She showed us so many facets and talents: artist, scientist, cook, and crocheter of the most excellent tall and pointy hats. She was an eccentric dresser, a fast and competent seamstress, an avid reader of sci-fi, an admirable non-conformist; an overall brilliant and down-to-earth woman, and my best friend. So long, Ali; thank you for everything.


Alan Wright

1952 - 8th July 2012

Alan left this message for us all:

I want you all to know how much I have valued the contributions you have made to my life, frequent or infrequent, large or small. I know that I would have been a much poorer person without your input.
This brings you love and best wishes for the rest of your lives.

Our year was represented at Alan's memorial by a small group of us. Swaffham's large parish church was packed. It was touching to see the love and respect he received from friends, colleagues and pupils past and present. For some idea of the impact he made on their lives view the Facebook site to a "Ledge".

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