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1970 Year Group

Missing Persons

Rosemary Naish has asked if she is correct in remembering Tiria Collier in our year. She writes "One person who's missing from the old scholars as well as your site is Tiara Collier. She joined in 1963, at the same time as our cohort, but didn't stay beyond O levels (might have left earlier) . Her father was a GP somewhere near Southend, who inherited but turned down the title Lord Monkswell. I'm sure I'm not imagining her."
I have spoken to Jason who remembers the name, so she's not just Rosemary's imagination. The web reveals that the first Lord Monkswell was a John Collier who was Attorny General. The current Lord Monkswell reclaimed the title and was active in the Lords until the reforms.
Jason has also reminded me about Andrew Porter who also is not on the OSA list.
Does anyone have any information?

Please let me have anything you think should be included.
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Sunday, 3rd December 2023